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Gordon Lane elderly resident in the hall

This facility took exceptional care of my aunt after her surgery. The staff are wonderful and caring people and you can see that they love what they do. They treated my aunt with respect and compassion during her healing process. Olga and Olivia are wonderful! I highly recommend this place!

Josh G.

5-star, Google and Yelp Review

I have been at Garden Park for the last 7 months. I am very pleased with nursing and rehab staff through my stay at Garden Park. I made friends with a couple patients here. I would like to thank everyone for all the care I was given. I will miss being here, but glad to be going home. Dean Admin was great along with Administration.

Peter G.

5-star, Google Review

My mom was here at Gordon Lane Care Center the staff took very good care of her, they treated her like family. She was very happy at Gordon Lane, she didn’t want to ever leave. She had been at other nursing homes but none of them compared to Gordon Lane. My mom always said her call light was answered right away by all staff. My mom passed recently and the staff were heart broken. All staff really touched our hearts with the care they gave my mom from laundry staff all the way to the administrator. Which my mom appreciated. Thank you to all staff at Gordon Lane for making my moms stay home. My sisters and I recommend Gordon Lane to everyone who wants there loved one safe and treated like family. Thank you to all the staff at Gordon Lane for taking excellent care of my mom.


5-star, Google Review

I am thankful for the staff at Gordon Lane. They take excellent care of my Mom. They have given my Mom superior medical care and offer many actives, and programs that continue to help her lead a happy, healthy life. I am touched by the kind and caring staff. Thanks Gordon Lane for giving such impressive care and love to all of your patients. I appreciate you all and recognize the above and beyond work you put in to make each day special for my Mom.

Maguerite B.

5-star, Yelp Review

I am thankful for the staff at Gordon Lane. They take excellent care of my Mom. They have given my Mom superior medical care and offer many actives, and programs that continue to help her lead a happy, healthy life. I am touched by the kind and caring staff. Thanks Gordon Lane for giving such impressive care and love to all of your patients. I appreciate you all and recognize the above and beyond work you put in to make each day special for my Mom.

Maguerite B.

5-star, Yelp Review

My elderly mother fell ill and had to get transported to an assisted living center. After calling around, we found Gordon Lane in the City of Fullerton. The staff at Gordon Lane were amazing, attentive, extremely patient, and the facility was extremely clean. The nurses were right on time for medication and checking constantly with the patients. The nutritionists in the kitchen knew the perfect meal for each patient’s dietary needs. The main administration Sadaf was an angel and she facilitated everything for us. Thank you to the whole team at Gordon Lane. You guys are amazing. I recommend this center to anyone who needs an assisted living center for their loved ones.

Faye N.

5-star, Yelp and Google Review

My father was recently a patient at this facility while recovering from a spinal fracture. He was sent here by Dr. Dolouie his hospital geriatrician who is not only an outstanding doctor but truly provides top notch care to all of his patients. As for Gordon Lane – I can’t say enough about the facility and the staff there. The center was always clean, warm and welcoming. The staff were extremely friendly, attentive, caring and above all professional. They continually kept me updated and informed on my father’s progress and answered any questions I had. I felt very comfortable and at ease knowing that my father was receiving the best care by everyone involved. A special thanks to his care team, Rosa, Pedro, Bianca, Olivia, Jasmin, Sadaf, and the PT team for going above and beyond to get him back on his feet!

Ava K.

5-star, Yelp and Google Review

I would like to share my amazing experience at this facility where my dad received the most loving care for the last 5 months of his life. He was transferred to Gordon Lane in mid November 2023 post hospitalization for his late stage dementia. From the beginning he was welcomed with utmost care, respect and compassion. During his first weeks he received physical therapy and occupational therapy when he still had some strength left in his fragile body. Shortly after that he lost his ability to swallow and therefore had to have a special soft diet to receive nutrients. Every nurse, CNA and staff was trying their best to make him feel comfortable as best as they could. I visited him almost everyday and he was always clean, shaved, groomed and smelled good. His clothing were changed everyday and he never had any bed sores even though he could not move during his stay and was bed bound the entire time. This place always smelled good and was super clean every time I visited. The staff are all caring and go above and beyond to make sure that patients are as comfortable as possible during their stay. The doctors, nurses, nutritionists and most importantly Sadaf, who runs the place are angels sent from heaven! I can never thank them enough for taking care of my dad. God bless them all.

Nazanin A.

5-star, Yelp Review

The staff at Girdon Lane are amazing, especially Eric. My Mom has heart and kidney failure and dementia. She can be very needy, but Gordon Lane’s staff does a great job taking care of anything she might need. I feel comfortable having my Mom stay at Gordon Lane. The standard of care provided is what matters most…and you’ll get that at Gordon Lane.

David R.

5-star, Yelp Review

The activity staff here is superb. They do so much to make things feel welcoming to the residents and to make sure all activities are inclusive for all.

Lorna H.

5-star, Google Review

My mom with Dimentia that needed skilled support and rehab went in this facility from Admission till the end …. service and quality of care was top notch. My mom is a very difficult patient with combative and aggressive behaviors but the staff and administration team worked so hard to make it work with all the support they can give. We have to find another placement for my mom that can cater more on her needs and geriatric meds needs to be well regulated with a locked unit, if I had the choice I would not go else where. Thank you Ms Sadaf, Natalie, Theresa, & Ms Olga and the whole

Nsg staff to the one on one care she got from the CNA: Erik & Grace. We are forever grateful!! This words will not give justice to the excellent care rendered to my mom!!!! See it to believe!!!

Kathy M.

5-star, Yelp Review

I am a healthcare provider and have sent patients to Gordon Lane, my patients have good things to say: great staff, very caring and competent. Administrator “Sadaf” is relentless in a good way, always on top of things.

Maria R.

5-star, Google Review

The staff here is wonderful and very helpful. My loved one and I have always been put first and I noticed people who don’t have loved ones with them, are equally treated they make sure they are not alone and make sure they aren’t just laying around. They take them to fun activities and keep them company, and really prioritize their patients. We’ve had such a pleasure of meeting Eric he’s a wonderful caregiver there and we would greatly recommend him.

Sandra B.

5-star, Google Review

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here at Gordon Lane while healing broken bones. The physical and occupational therapistsare capable and thorough. I received excellent care with staff members who were attentive, positive and friendly. Gordon Lane also provides many activities each day to provide residence with fun, fitness, and stimulation. I arrived just before Christmas and the.decorations were fabulous, as they have been for each holiday since. Our caseworker and the administrative staff went out of their way to take care of my needs. I highly recommend Gordon Lane for injury, recovery or for a permanent place for your loved one.

Joe And Shelly M.

5-star, Yelp Review

I highly recommend this amazing place to anyone who is looking for a caring, loving, comforting rehabilitation facility for their loved ones. I cannot say enough about my experience since my dad came here from the hospital about 10 days ago. Every single staff has been most helpful and while everyone is very professional, they manage to keep the environment very friendly, super clean, and happy. I am so happy and pleased with all the caring and kind staff and most importantly the administrator, Sadaf who is doing an incredible job of managing so many individuals so beautifully. This is a very difficult job and everyone is doing their job with utmost care and love. I cannot thank everyone enough for going above and beyond every day while providing care to our parents. This place is a BLESSING and the staff are angels!


5-star, Yelp Review

Thank you to the entire staff at Gordon Lane. My father has been receiving wonderful care there. Thank you so much to Olga, Sadaf, and so many others that I have not mentioned. The work your staff has done is heroic. Everyone has been so friendly and personable. They all understand this is a very difficult time for our family. They really have gone above and beyond to make sure my father is comfortable and well taken care of. From the administration team, nurses, caretakers, PT staff, kitchen staff, and everyone else, thank you all for such a job well done.


5-star, Yelp Review

Gordon Lane is one of the best care centers. All the staff from admin, supervisors, nurses, and CNAs are so caring and kind and do a great job with all the patients and for my mom. She calls it home. The cleanliness is great. The care and love they all give to her is appreciated.

Parvaneh D.

5-star, Google Review

Gordon Lane has been a big help for my mom. She was at a board and care earlier and the difference in her demeanor since coming to the facility has been night and day. She is well taken care of and has started talking again. Olga Soto worked really hard to make sure my mother got everything she needed. You can tell that she and the rest of the staff want to help those that need it. Amazing.

Albert also left a review on Yelp:

My elderly mother was transferred here after the board and care she was staying at was not doing a very good job. She was dehydrated and lethargic. After she came to the facility, her behavior changed drastically and she began to speak to us again. I could not have asked for more from a facility. I try to visit her as much as I can, but I know when I cannot make the time, she will be cared for. Olga Soto has been a shining star for us as she helped relocate her there and made sure that my mother had everything she needed to live her best life. Olga and the nurses are just amazing and all you can ask for if your family needs outside care.

Albert B.

5-star, Google Review

Gordon Lane was recommended to my wife and I for their wonderful Rehab department. my wife has been here for almost two weeks and it’s been a great experienc. The rehab therapist has been very thorough with her recovery and soon she will be coming home. I will definitely recommend Gordon Lane to all my friends and family.

Frank R.

5-star, Yelp Review

I wanted to thank all staff at Gordon Lane. I was at Gordon Lane after my surgery for a couple weeks and I received the best treatment specially from my wonderful nurse Oscar, he was so nice, kind and always gave me my medicine so I could feel better. also Rehab was wonderful too. All staff was very nice and respectful. Thanks to all of you I was able to go back home pain free and able to enjoy life again. thank you for the wonderful job you do.

Luz V.

5-star, Yelp Review

My dad was a patient here in the summer. He was very hesitant coming since this was his first time at a skilled nursing facility. After just a few days he was able to adjust just fine thanks to the staff there. Jasmine the weekend gal was always so friendly and helpful. Kitchen staff was also very accommodating since he has a very strict diet. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who may need a caring place to get stronger.

Reina S.

5-star, Yelp Review

My aunt was recovering from surgery and this is where she stayed for a few weeks. The rehab team is excellent and kept her motivated through out her stay. Rudy in rehab was so kind and attentive to her.

Renee S.

5-star, Yelp Review

I went to go see my Great Grandmother Mary Lou H. and everyone there was so helpful and kind. I feel better knowing my grandma is in great hands. Thank you so much for everything you all do.

Shanta H.

5-star, Google Review

Gordon Lane is one of the best care centers to be. All the staff from admin, supervisors, nurses, and CNA are so caring and kind and doing a great job with all the patients and for my mom.

She calls it home.

The cleanliness is great. the care and love they all give to her are appreciated.

Parvaneh D.

5-star, Yelp Review

I am a current patient at Gordon Lane Care Center. Jaime the administrator is very nice and very helpful. Takes care of all my needs. Olga is also very helpful and gets the job done. I recommend this rehab center the staff and doctors are very attentive to my needs.

Toni K.

Google Review

The staff at Gordon Lane really care about the residents. I especially apprecate that with all the various needs that they must meet, they are as responsive as possible when I have a particular concern about mom. And as busy as they all are, I’ve heard how some will go visit mom or sit with her, and I am so grateful for that. With all the various needs of the elderly and disables that they must deal with, they do it with real care, a little humor if possible and truly have heart.

Amy A.

Facebook Review

My friend of over 50 years was at Gordon Lane rehabing after a fall. She was in a room with 2 other patients but was placed by a sliding door with a screen so we could visit her through the screen. The staff there was wonderful to her. They helped her do everything she needed and while she was only there 10 days, they knew just how much or little care she needed. Olga was fantastic and so attentive to her and to us as we needed her to be. She had Dr.s, nurses, PT’s and others daily. Her recovery was on schedule and there wasn’t anything we needed that she did not have. Covid was not even an issue there as every precaution regarding distancing, masks and cleanliness were all as they should be. I can’t thank the people at Gordon Lane enough for taking such great care of someone who is very special to us.

Maryalyce J.

Yelp Review

My grandma was a patient here and they treated her wonderfully. This is the cleanest center I have been to.. (grandma has been to a few different rehabs).
Thank you for the great rehab and nursing care.

Krys H.

Google Review

My Dad has been asking me to help him write this forever! My family had a really great experience at Gordon Lane. My Grandpa lived there for 4 years. He had really great care by people who where like family to him & to all of us, really. Ramon was on top of his meds, and just a really great nurse, KK & Grace really cared for him. Sandy at the front desk was always great at tracking him down for phone calls for us whether he was on the patio or activities room.

Janeth & Teresa handled his appointments and handled way more than we were able to do ourselves. Jaime, Chloe, Ana & Toni were great, always good for a hug and a laugh. Ana made sure he was comfortable with room mates, Arturo helped with just about everything, they would visit him if he ever had a hospital stay, Toni would go out and buy menudo for Tata when he was at the end of his life and gave up on eating. His CNA’s and many staff members came to his services when he passed away. He was 98.

Vanessa R.

Yelp Review

My Aunt has had a few knee surgeries. The first time, my family & I tried to have her come home from the hospital because we couldn’t stand the thought of her staying at a nursing home. Well, she did not rehab well even with a nursing service that came to our home to offer her physical therapy which led to a lot of pain and some major set backs both physically & emotionally.

When the time for revision came around, my family and I surrendered to the idea of sending her to a nursing center. From the start, this staff was attentive & caring.

I was surprised that the shared room my aunt had was spacious. There was a big patio window that made the room appear bigger.

The Physical therapy team was on point! Rudy & Krista have been fantastic. The ladies in the office are very friendly and I was surprised that the gentleman managing the building knows all the patients by name!

I wasn’t expecting this type of warmth & Care from “an institution” this center really exceeded my expectations.

Michelle G.

Yelp Review

Let’s start by saying I have volunteered in places like this before and I can say Gordon Lane does have a very caring staff. My grandfather has been here for a while now and every time I visit him he always seems happy and the staff is always super awesome to me and my family members. For the most part everything has been pretty clean and the other patients I have interacted with were also very kind. I can’t say enough good things about this place so far. I am really happy my grandfather is being taken care of and I trust the employees here.

Chris K.

Yelp Review

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