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Gordon Lane elderly resident in the hall

I am a current patient at Gordon Lane Care Center. Jaime the administrator is very nice and very helpful. Takes care of all my needs. Olga is also very helpful and gets the job done. I recommend this rehab center the staff and doctors are very attentive to my needs.

Toni K.

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The staff at Gordon Lane really care about the residents. I especially apprecate that with all the various needs that they must meet, they are as responsive as possible when I have a particular concern about mom. And as busy as they all are, I’ve heard how some will go visit mom or sit with her, and I am so grateful for that. With all the various needs of the elderly and disables that they must deal with, they do it with real care, a little humor if possible and truly have heart.

Amy A.

Facebook Review

My friend of over 50 years was at Gordon Lane rehabing after a fall. She was in a room with 2 other patients but was placed by a sliding door with a screen so we could visit her through the screen. The staff there was wonderful to her. They helped her do everything she needed and while she was only there 10 days, they knew just how much or little care she needed. Olga was fantastic and so attentive to her and to us as we needed her to be. She had Dr.s, nurses, PT’s and others daily. Her recovery was on schedule and there wasn’t anything we needed that she did not have. Covid was not even an issue there as every precaution regarding distancing, masks and cleanliness were all as they should be. I can’t thank the people at Gordon Lane enough for taking such great care of someone who is very special to us.

Maryalyce J.

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My grandma was a patient here and they treated her wonderfully. This is the cleanest center I have been to.. (grandma has been to a few different rehabs).
Thank you for the great rehab and nursing care.

Krys H.

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My Dad has been asking me to help him write this forever! My family had a really great experience at Gordon Lane. My Grandpa lived there for 4 years. He had really great care by people who where like family to him & to all of us, really. Ramon was on top of his meds, and just a really great nurse, KK & Grace really cared for him. Sandy at the front desk was always great at tracking him down for phone calls for us whether he was on the patio or activities room.

Janeth & Teresa handled his appointments and handled way more than we were able to do ourselves. Jaime, Chloe, Ana & Toni were great, always good for a hug and a laugh. Ana made sure he was comfortable with room mates, Arturo helped with just about everything, they would visit him if he ever had a hospital stay, Toni would go out and buy menudo for Tata when he was at the end of his life and gave up on eating. His CNA’s and many staff members came to his services when he passed away. He was 98.

Vanessa R.

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My Aunt has had a few knee surgeries. The first time, my family & I tried to have her come home from the hospital because we couldn’t stand the thought of her staying at a nursing home. Well, she did not rehab well even with a nursing service that came to our home to offer her physical therapy which led to a lot of pain and some major set backs both physically & emotionally.

When the time for revision came around, my family and I surrendered to the idea of sending her to a nursing center. From the start, this staff was attentive & caring.

I was surprised that the shared room my aunt had was spacious. There was a big patio window that made the room appear bigger.

The Physical therapy team was on point! Rudy & Krista have been fantastic. The ladies in the office are very friendly and I was surprised that the gentleman managing the building knows all the patients by name!

I wasn’t expecting this type of warmth & Care from “an institution” this center really exceeded my expectations.

Michelle G.

Yelp Review

Let’s start by saying I have volunteered in places like this before and I can say Gordon Lane does have a very caring staff. My grandfather has been here for a while now and every time I visit him he always seems happy and the staff is always super awesome to me and my family members. For the most part everything has been pretty clean and the other patients I have interacted with were also very kind. I can’t say enough good things about this place so far. I am really happy my grandfather is being taken care of and I trust the employees here.

Chris K.

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Our mission is to inspire hope with our residents, team and guests through fantastic health outcomes and genuine hospitality.

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Our Standards


1 - We are team players. Together, we set and achieve high goals and celebrate our successes.

2 - We take pride in creating and maintaining a clean and attractive environment and demonstrate our professionalism in how we speak, act and dress.

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4 - We view failures as opportunities to quickly learn and improve.

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6 - Everyone we interact with is our "guest."

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9 - We strive to contribute to the long-term health and well-being of our residents.

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